A Healthy, Holistic Lifestyle

Here are some tips to help you take the best possible care of your four-legged family members.

Feed the best natural dog & cat food and treats you can afford. Read the labels to make sure there are only good ingredients in the products you feed your pet. Provide variety by adding whole foods to the diet. Supplement with enzymes, vitamins and minerals when appropriate.

Use only stainless steel or porcelain food and water bowls (if you add Apple Cider Vinegar DO NOT use stainless, porcelain only). Wash bowls regularly. No plastic bowls.

Minimize vaccinations.

Provide regular dental care either by brushing your pet's teeth, providing raw, meaty bones or using an herbal supplement.

Provide plenty of fresh, filtered water.

Practice regular grooming specific for the breed (brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc).

Make sure each animal wears a current ID tag and a safe, strangle-proof collar. Better yet - have your pet micro-chipped!

Use natural flea and tick remedies whenever possible.

Teach your companion good manners using positive training methods. Enroll in a basic obedience class with your dog, you will both learn a lot!!

Allow frequent, supervised access to outdoors, age- and condition-appropriate regular exercise, and plenty of rest.

Provide plenty of interaction with other people and animals.

Use only chemical-free cleaning products in the home, garage, etc.

Avoid lawn and pest control chemicals and use organic, natural pesticides and fertilizers.

Always secure your pet in a carrier or by a pet seat belt when traveling. Do not let your dog ride with his head out the window (unless he is wearing eye protection) and NEVER put a dog in the back of a pickup truck!!!

Talk to your vet about natural wormers and heartworm prevention.

Provide safe toys. No rawhides or pig's ears. Supervise your dog with bones, even "green" bones.

Never leave your dog outside when you are not home. Bad people cruise neighborhoods looking for dogs to steal.

Learn to do some massage or acupressure or Reiki and have "hands on" time with each animal, every day - they will LOVE it!

Limit "noise". If leaving the TV or radio on, put on classical music or use a CD specifically for animals.

Offer plenty of choices in natural scratching posts.

Use only healthy, natural litter (Feline Pine is a favorite) that doesn't clump.

Be aware of changes in temperament, eating/drinking habits, body size/shape and visit your vet for regular checkups.

Stay up-to-date with advances in natural healthcare and nutrition. Whole Dog Journal is a fantastic publication!

Most of all, treat your pet like family and provide a healthy emotional environment!


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