Vaccines generally can cause A LOT of health problems and over vaccination can make things much worse

Common Vaccine Reactions
- Lethargy
- Hair loss, hair color change at injection site
- Fever
- Soreness
- Stiffness
- Refusal to eat
- Conjunctivitis
- Sneezing
- Oral ulcers

Severe Reactions triggered by Vaccines
- Vaccine injection site sarcomas
- Anaphylaxis
- Arthritis, polyarthritis
- HOD (hypertrophy osteodystrophy)
- Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
- Immune mediated thrombocytopenia (IMTP)
- Thyroiditis
- Disease or enhanced disease that the vaccine was designed to prevent
- Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle)
- Post vaccinal encephalitis or polyneuritis (inflammation of the brain or nerves)
- Seizures

So why, why, WHY do some vets still vaccinate pets every 3 years, or worse, every year?

When you do vaccinate, NEVER VACCINATE A LESS THAN 100% HEALTHY DOG, NEVER GIVE MORE THAN ONE VACCINE AT A TIME (AND NEVER, EVER A COMBO VACCINE). Insist on a 3 year rabies vaccination (vs a 1 year vaccine which is, ironically, the exact same thing).

Any vaccine has the ability to kill or harm your pet. Work with your vet to make sure EVERY vaccination given to your specific pet is absolutely necessary. If your vet won't work with you or insists your pet is vaccinated every year, you might want to find a new vet.

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