A Strong Immune System Is Your Pet's First Line of Defense Against...

A strong immune system is your pet's first line of defense against infection and illness.

Some major factors that weaken the immune system are poor diet, frequent antibiotic use, stress, overvaccination and drug therapies.

Ways to support your pet's immune system include:

1. Make sure that your pet gets un-interrupted sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system!

2. Ensure that your pet has a wholesome, nutritious diet rich in fresh veggies, whole-grains for fiber, and naturally-reared proteins.

3. Exercise and keeping active is not only good for your pet's body and mind but also helps to optimize immune functioning. In addition, regular, moderate exercise in the fresh air and sunshine will help to relax your pet and encourage healthy sleep.

4. Help your pet to maintain a healthy weight. Being too thin or overweight can depress the immune system.

5. Reduce stressors. While small amounts of stress are natural for animals, prolonged stress depresses the immune system.

6. Play - the chemicals produced in an animal's brain when pets are at play are similar to the "feel good" chemicals we experience when we laugh.

7. Keep your pets away from cigarette and tobacco smoke (as you would with children). The chemicals contained in even second hand smoke depress the immune system and have a negative impact on its functioning.

8. Reduce exposure to germs. Wash your pet's toys and bowls regularly. Always give your pet fresh water. While walking your pet, try to limit the contact with other animal waste.

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